community groups

Community groups help answer the question, “How will the people of Greenville experience Jesus and share him with their neighbors?”  


We invite you to fully embrace the body of DPC by participating in community groups. Our groups are geographical and relational outposts where both believers and those exploring the truths of Christianity can engage the body and claims of Christ. Additionally, these groups remind us that the church is not a building–it is the people of God. Not only do community groups challenge our lives individually and personally, they also help us accomplish what we hope to see happen through the larger church as a whole. 

The structure of our groups reflects our commitment to learning, connection, prayer and outreach. A typical meeting involves sharing meals, answering discussion questions regarding a passage of Scripture and praying with and for one another. Most groups are comprised of members and visitors, so church membership is not required in order to participate.  

The groups' locations and gathering schedules vary. Click the button below to search this criteria.



Adam Radcliff, Assistant Pastor

Brian Hamby, Ruling Elder

Mark Miller, Deacon

Facilitator Resources:

Sermon Discussion Questions