We take seriously the well-being of all children placed in our care.


Tiffany Mauk, Nursery Director

Mary Young, Children’s Director

The photos above offer guidance for navigating our nursery and children's care services. Click the photo, and then hover your mouse over the photo to find directions.


The nursery at Downtown Presbyterian Church, located on the right side of the building past the large wooden sliding door, provides care for children from 0 months to 3 ½ years. 

When you arrive at the nursery, members of the nursery committee will be waiting to help you with the check-in process, which includes creating a nursery check-in profile for you and your child. If your child needs you during the service, you will receive a text message to the phone number entered on your check-in profile. Pagers are always available if you don’t have a phone with you. Please feel free to approach the volunteers with any questions. It is our pleasure to help you in any way we can!

*Room 1 contains a designated private area for nursing mothers.



Children’s Church is an age-appropriate worship opportunity offered to children 3-6 years old during the latter half of Sunday morning services. Children attend the first part of services with their parents and are prompted by the worship leader to exit for class before the sermon. While in Children’s Church, children enjoy snacks, Bible lessons and opportunities to build relationships with their peers. 

To exit Sunday morning services for Children’s Church, please send your children to the back door of the sanctuary. Church members serving as Children’s Church teachers will help line them up in the hallway and walk them to their classrooms in the Education Hallway. If you would like to accompany your child to their classroom, you are welcome to do so.

Please pick up your children from the following classrooms at the conclusion of Sunday morning services (a parent or other designated adult must be present): 

· 3- and 4-year-olds: Room 6 (class is dismissed from the second door on the left-hand side) 

· 5- and 6-year-olds: Room 7 

*Parents are welcome to stay and observe Children’s Church at any time. 



During the school year, Sunday School is offered for children in between Sunday morning worship services. Currently, our younger students are studying the Show Me Jesus curriculum (Great Commission Publications), and our older students, the Westminster Catechism

Sunday School classes meet on Sundays, 10-10:45 am. Students in K5-5th grade meet in the Education Hallway. 

· If your children are in K5-2nd grade, please pick them up from their classrooms.

· If your children are in 3rd-5th grade, they will be dismissed at the end of class and will join you in the lobby.

We ask that a parent or other designated adult remains on site during Sunday School.

*Children are welcome to join a Sunday School class at any time throughout the school year. If your child was not registered in August, and needs any special accommodations or has any food allergies, please contact Mary Young. Food is not regularly served in Sunday School classes, but treats are occasionally offered.

*Parents are welcome to participate in or to observe Sunday School at any time. 


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