Newcomers’ resources

Opportunities to learn more about Downtown Pres.

Church Elders (scroll past staff photos) | Information about core values of faith and denomination.
Maddie Searcy, Church Administrator | Information about events and operations.

Especially for newcomers, Intro to DPC provides an overview of the history, vision, and mission of Downtown Pres. We welcome you to bring your questions! Classes are held bi-monthly in a neighboring building called Venue 4 Design. Registration is encouraged (links in calendar events listed at the right), and coffee and childcare is provided.

As a part of our three-step membership process, Foundations is for those interested in joining the church, though attending obligates one to nothing. The class takes place over two days, usually a Friday night and Saturday morning. Attendees learn more about who we are and how we operate as a church, as well as the core values of our faith and denomination. Registration is required (links in calendar events listed at the right), and refreshments are provided. Childcare is not provided. (The other portions of our membership process include an elder interview and completion of a membership profile).